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Benefits Consulting

GCP offers strategic consulting services to mid-size and large employer sponsored plans. We strive to align employee health and benefit plans with business needs and human resource strategies.










Benefits Assessment - the right plans for the organization at this time?

Cost analysis - are the plans you offer being delivered at the right cost to you and to your employees?

Vendor analysis - do you have the right vendors for your plans and population distribution?

Advisor/Broker review - are you overpaying for the guidance and direction you are receiving from current advisors?

Sample Projects:


Strategic Planning - mullti-year plan to manage all employee benefits.

Guiding Principles - develop over-arching principles for benefits to help guide Senior Management and HR Leadership in design of plans.

Cost Reviews - Assess historical costs of plans and establish appropriate benchmarks to monitor costs going forward.

Care and Cost Management - creating a strategy to encourage participants to take care of their health and expenditures.

Mergers/Acquisitions - formulating strategies during major change periods due to mergers and acquisitions.

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