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Change Management

The decision to transform an organization, merge, spinoff, modify total rewards programs or reconfigure the HR organization are actions driven by strategic business priorities, but it is important to recognize that the resulting changes will affect nearly every single employee in the organization in a very personal way.


Executives and managers will have questions about how the changes will impact business operations.


Employees will have to contend with questions and potential uncertainty about job security, organizational stability and the financial impact that changes to benefits and policies may present.


None of these concerns are insurmountable, and yet if not addressed effectively, they can lead to significant barriers, plummeting morale, added costs and delays in the transformation effort.


How do organizations overcome these obstacles? By investing in the creation of a strategic and results centered change plan.










Strategy Development - we work with our clients in assessing the scope of change, defining actions, beliefs and behaviors that are needed and formulating a change plan that delivers stated goals.

Stakeholder Analysis - we thoroughly evaluate the various stakeholders, the degree of change required and provide guidance on the structural and communications approaches that will best connect.

Change Readiness - every organization, department or business unit reacts differently to change based on environmental factors, culture and leadership. We analyze the impacted groups and determine receptivity to change and liklihood of resistance.  


Change Ambassadors- in every organization there are formal and informal leaders whose involvement can mean the difference between success or failure. We help identify and train the individuals that will be agents of successful change.

Communication Plan - a key element of any change initiative is the manner in which change is messaged. We work with our clients to ensure the message is clear, targeted to specific stakeholder needs and timely.

Metrics- we guide your change team in establishing reasonable and attainable goals and then build the evaluation techniques that demonstrate success or clarify areas that need additional focus.


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